Patti: Skeeter, give me a beat.


Patti: Skeeter? Give me a beat Skeeter.


Fine. You want a beat done right...


Yo! Yo Yo!

My name is P A T T I!

Yes that's me!

I'm really cute and really smart,

And my rhymes are off the charts!

I'm a cartoon work of art!

I moved to Bluffington,

Lookin for some fun!

I met a cute boy,

And I really enjoyed

Hanging out with everyone!

My lippy best friend Beebe,

She really is so trendy!

From her looks to her dress,

She's a pretty princess!

And she's really very friendly!

(muttering angrily)


People think I'm a fool

Just because I'm home-schooled!

Ever since my graduation

I have been filled with elation,

And your judgements are overruled!

Meet my boyfriend Doug,

His head is shaped like a jug!

He's the target of my affection,

And we have a good connection!

There's no need for any correction!

Thanks to my very best friends,

My happiness will never end!

I'm the tomboy of the school,

People tell me I'm cool!

And by the way, Beetball rules!

My name is Ms. Patti!

It's time to have some fun with me!

So if anyone's willin',

We'll be here chillin'!

Come and sing along with me!

My name is Ms. Patti!

I'm so beautiful can't you see?

My face is on a candy bar!

I wanna be a movie star!

Try Ms. Patti's Sweet-Flavored candy

And sugary dri-i-ii-inks!

Fo' sheezy off da heezy!

(song ends)