Doug has a dream where he and his friends somehow end up meeting their younger selves from before they graduated.

Songs: Patti's Rap by Patti Mayonnaise, We're Pretty!/Da Beebe Rap by Beebe Bluff and Young Beebe Bluff



  • Da Beebe Rap is a spoof of "Da Pixie Rap" from The Fairly Oddparents!
  • Patti sings some parts of her rap to the tune of "Rappin' Drakken" from Kim Possible.
  • Doug starts the episode off as a journal entry, as he used to do in the Nickelodeon series.


Errors and Quotes

  • Error: Young Doug says he has never heard Patti sing before after he and Young Patti hear Patti's rap song. However, Doug HAS in fact heard Patti sing once, in "Doug's Secret Song".
  • Beebe: We're pretty! Young Beebe: We're pretty! Both: And that's why we rule this city!
  • Patti: Doug likes you. Trust me. Young Patti: He DOES? Patti: Yeah.
  • Error: During "We're Pretty", both Beebes have bangs, however Beebe shouldn't have her bangs because she cut them.
  • Skeeter: I'm you. From the future. Young Skeeter: How far into the future? Skeeter: After you guys graduate.
  • Judy: Funny. Your boyfriend looks alot like Kyle. Young Judy: Who's Kyle? Judy: My boyfriend. And apparently yours too. Young Judy: You know, I'm starting to wonder if we're the same person.
  • Error: When Patti says "Meet my boyfriend Doug", the Doug that is shown waving is Young Doug, not Doug himself.
  • ''''Doug: ''''Dear Journal. I had the strangest dream last night. It was almost like a blast from the past. Actually, it WAS a blast from the past.